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Born in Brooklyn, Meredith Kahn continues to draw inspiration from her native New York City. Saturated with diversity and history from music to art, poetry to punk, architecture to dance, amongst a rainbow of colorful people, there will always be a gravitational pull to where her roots lie. 


Meredith derives inspiration from within the many layers of her personal interests and passions. The spirit and the soul of music, along with her fascination with the Victorian Era and Mexican Folk Art swirled through her imagination as she began to develop her own personal pieces of jewelry.  Having always been a Collector with a romantic spirit, Meredith began designing Jewelry from her Brooklyn apartment by reworking vintage jewelry with stones, skulls and found objects that, she would discover while scouring the countless New York City flea markets. Designing and making jewelry began to satiate her need to tell stories through her work. 

Deeply intrigued by Momento Mori which translates to “remember death”, this Latin phrase spoke to the evolution of her Jewelry Collection as it bloomed into collectable relics and amulets signifying the importance of embracing life and love. 


As Meredith wore her pieces, they began to ignite attention by various Retailers, Stylists and Magazines and in 2004, Meredith launched her very first Jewelry Collection, under the brand Made Her Think. With Vogue as her Launchpad, Made Her Think quickly grew, and she began selling to over 100 stores globally, with placements in top editorial magazines and was coveted by Celebrities and Stylists throughout the early to mid 2000’s. A Handbag Collection followed in 2009. The natural progression was to begin designing Bridal and Fine Jewelry and in 2010, Meredith Kahn Fine Jewelry had arrived.


MADE HER THINK is an anagram for MEREDITH KAHN.  The two brands coexisted for several years however as we embark on new phases of our lives, our creative output evolves. Embarking on a new phase of her jewelry career, Meredith Kahn has decided to step out from behind the curtain of MADE HER THINK and dedicate herself to her Meredith Kahn Collection. As she continues to weave together the irony of edge and elegance, she continues to offer both a Fine and Semi Precious Jewelry Collection under MEREDITH KAHN JEWELRY.


La Femme Gitane marks the recent return to a collection comprised of Brass and Gold Filled jewelry.  Feeling the magnetic pull towards the importance of wearing a poetic cluster of Amulets, LFG speaks to the need for daggers and skulls, shields, peace signs and coins, and the importance of wearing stones close to your heart and chest. Every collection is designed with the idea that life is ever changing and always evolving. Each piece is made to become part of you, being layered and stacked, whether you hold onto them forever or you decide to gift to someone close to you. 


Meredith Kahn is an American Designer, born and raised in New York. She graduated with a Fashion Design degree from Manhattan's Fashion Institute of Technology. After years of working in Fashion, she turned her attention towards Jewelry and in 2004, began her Jewelry career. Meredith resides with her husband, 2 children and 2 pups, in Southern California. She spends the time in between writing and playing music, tending to her roses and plants, baking Gluten Free treats, and working hard each day to show her children how to lead with their heart and show compassion down every road they travel. 

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