How to take care of your Jewelry

Semi Precious + Brass + Sterling Silver + Fine Jewelry

It is recommended to treat your semi precious Brass, Sterling and Vermeil Jewelry just like you would treat your Fine Jewelry.  This means that to insure that your Jewelry lasts with shine and strength, I would recommend the following:

  • Remove all jewelry before bed, before exercising and before bathing and swimming
  • Keep jewelry out of the way of harsh chemicals, lotions, perfumes and oils.  While you may be the person that says, "I never take my jewelry off", this may lead to your stones becoming clouded and your metals tarnishing, scratching or changing in color. 
  • Use jewelry cleaning agents or an ultra sonic machine to clean your jewelry on as as needed basis.  You be the judge!  If your jewelry is looking a bit lack luster, throw it in the cleaner!  You can also use a polishing cloth to buff your jewelry.

- PLEASE NOTE!  14K Vermeil is in fact a thin layer of Gold plating over Sterling Silver.  Any intensive cleaning or buffing with a polishing cloth will remove the gold and you will be left with the Sterling Silver that is underneath.  

Can I wear my Jewelry in the Water?

Wearing Jewelry by the pool, on the beach or in the sea is a sexy and luxurious way to enjoy your Jewelry! That said, I leave this decision entirely up to you. I can only recommend what you can do in order to extend the lifespan of your pieces. Here are some tips you can follow for your various pieces.
If you want the nutshell, here it is!

Solid Gold= Usually Yes
Gold Filled= Usually Yes
Vermeil= Never!!!
Brass= Usually Yes

  • 14K Solid Gold: Some people like to have their "never take off" pieces. Solid Gold pieces in any carat are the best to be your "never take off" pieces. While the residue from soaps, salts, oils, lotions and fragrances may leave a residue and leave your pieces looking dull and lackluster, you can always pop them into an ultrasonic, Jewelry cleaning solution or rub them with a polishing cloth in order to get them back to their original state. The thing to remember is that the higher the carat, the softer the gold. This means that your pieces when worn and never taken off, can scratch easily. I recommend bringing your pieces to a local trusted Jeweler if you would like to have them professionally cleaned and polished.  

  • 14K Gold Filled Jewelry: If your piece consists of 100% Gold Filled, and is not mixed with any other metals, you can also wear your pieces in water and wear them as your "never take off" pieces. Unlike Solid Gold, Gold Filled is not as resilient and will wear over time. It will take a very long time, but eventually, the Gold will fade and wear off revealing the metals underneath.  

  • 14K Gold Vermeil: Because there is only a thin layer of Gold plated over the Sterling Silver, I do not recommend that you swim or bathe in this Jewelry. I would also recommend that you remove your pieces prior to any activities that will cause you to perspire. Vermeil will give you the appearance of gold but it does not behave like solid gold.

  • Brass:  Brass is a gorgeous Gold Toned Solid Metal that will last many lifetimes.  That said, when exposed to different environments like lakes, pools, baths and seas, it may tarnish or change in color and become clouded.  Brass will also have the same response to different lotions, perfumes, chemicals and oils.  In order to preserve the Shiny Gold Toned beauty of your brass pieces, it is recommended to remove them prior to bathing, swimming and exercising and to put them on only after you have applied your lotions, oils and perfumes.  Brass works great with an Ultrasonic Cleaner and a Polishing Cloth and is recommended to use once you notice that your piece has become tarnished or dull.  (Any piece of Jewelry that is made of a combination of Brass and Gold Filled, can be cleaned the same way as listed above).

Any Jewelry with Stones: There are different rules that apply depending on what type of Stones are set into your Jewelry as well as how they are set. Meredith Kahn Jewelry does not glue any stones. All of the stones and pearls used in my collection are either set or use a wire wrapping technique. While it is ok to wear your stones in water, know that they will get cloudy over time as the residue builds around the setting and on the surface of the stone. I do not recommend that you wear your pearls in water. The chemicals and chlorines from pools and other bodies of water can destroy their natural luster. It is always best to put your pearl or pearls on as the last step of your "getting ready", including your perfume sprays and lotions!

Jewelry Storage

Each Meredith Kahn Jewelry piece will arrive to you inside of a small pouch as well as a hard box.  In order to prevent your pieces from tarnishing or becoming scratched, I recommend to store each piece of jewelry separately inside of your pouch in a dry area.